Content Creation Strategies for Everyone (Including Startups with Limited Budgets)

What's your strategy for content creation?

What’s your strategy for content creation?

The other day during a mentoring session with a startup we were reviewing their marketing channels and results. Content development, in the way of blogging, is not on their list at this time as they are struggling with having limited resources they are considering outsourcing this activity.

I am confident that having a strong content creation strategy is critical to growing a successful business and this includes the range of content (traditional blogs, video, graphics, interviews, etc.). Customers and prospects opt-in to your mailing list and it’s a missed opportunity to NOT communicate with this audience that already has some brand awareness. Don’t be fooled, communicating on numerous social media channels is likely not getting your message to as many people as you think or want (thanks to the algorithms of social media companies that go public way too early).

At the same time it is a challenge to develop all the content that you need and desire, especially in small organizations with limited budgets. If content development is a challenge for your organization, check out this podcast from RED (Real Entrepreneur Development) entitled Quick and Easy Content Creation Strategies.

Real Entrepreneur Development

Real Entrepreneur Development

The 23-minute podcast shares eight (8) rather easy content creation strategies. It is good to mix up your content and cover different topics from a range of voices (internal, users, experts, guests, etc.). The podcasts also mentions content having a half-life, which I agree as there is so much content out there today and it ‘expires’ rapidly. Another reason to share news, offer deals, have guest bloggers and refine your messaging on a more regular basis.

So if you take the time to listen to this podcast, get your calendar out and schedule blogging deadlines for deliverable to get content out across ALL your marketing and communications channels. RED also has many other good podcasts for you or certain team members to get some quick information or inspiration.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and checking out the RED podcast, please share the information and have a great September!


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