Q4 (already) and my 4 C’s!

My 4 C's

My 4 C’s

Just the other day, as in last Friday, it certainly seemed like the perfect summer day in Lisbon, Portugal and now I find myself shutting the windows and thinking about wearing warmer clothing. It is October so I should not push my luck for an even longer and nicer summer. At this time of the year, when the season starts to change, it makes me think of the final stretch of the year. I really focus on those things that I want to accomplish before the year gets sucked into the final weeks of holiday joy and cheer and before the new year cycle starts again! For the last 90 days of 2014, I am focused on my 4 C’s;

Consulting + Coaching + Coimbra + Coursera (and OK, Christmas, so 5 C’s)


I am working with some new clients and as usual I am speaking to potential new clients and networking in search of new projects. And I always seem to have some involvement with past clients who still reach out for additional marketing input and support. There has been a lot of startup activity in Lisbon nearly the entire year but again, another wave of interesting events (Seedcamp came to town for the 3rd time as well as The Caixa Tech Tour) place in the last month. I continue to meet new people and look for opportunities where I can add value to the marketing strategy and execution of a company. If you need help with your company, brand, product and/or event or have a contact that requires some marketing guidance, let’s talk. Feel free to visit my website for more details on how I can possibly help your marketing and business development efforts.


Second on the list is coaching. I have been asked by the team at Beta-I to join The Lisbon Challenge (already in its 3rd edition) as a coach. The Lisbon Challenge officially kicked off a week ago and 20+ startups from Portugal and a number of other countries are in Lisbon for a very focused 90-day acceleration program. Each startup has had input into the instructor/coach team that meets with them weekly to ensure that the individual team progress throughout the 3-month program.

Coaching Panel for The Lisbon Challenge, September 2014

Coaching Panel for The Lisbon Challenge, September 2014

This coaching opportunity is all the more challenging but exciting as it’s a longer commitment and an opportunity to work much closer with startups. I am coaching five teams of which three are from Portugal, one from India and one from Spain. The sectors are very different and the teams are at different stages of their development.

The Lisbon Challenge has received an impressive number of applicants and the program is getting more and more support from the Portuguese Government, sponsors, the Portuguese and European startup ecosystem as well. Plus the top team go on a very impressive roadshow after the event wraps up. If you are looking for an acceleration program, definitely consider The Lisbon Challenge.


I have been asked to join Startup Weekend Coimbra as a mentor for their event on October 10-12th. The agenda is action packed for the intensive weekend program and the list of speakers, judges and mentors will offer a wide range of expertise to the startups involved.

This will be my first time in Coimbra and I know it is an important city in Portugal. Coimbra is often referred to as The City of Students mainly because it is the site of the oldest and one of the largest universities in Portugal. The origins of the University of Coimbra can be traced back to the 13th century!

I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what is happening in the startup community in Coimbra.


I am a big fan of online learning and Coursera in particular. At any given time I am taking a class or registered for one and most everything is related to enhancing my consulting business and knowledge with the exception of a brilliant world history class I took through Princeton University. I just started the first week of what looks to be a very interesting class entitled; Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies. It’s really starting out to be an insightful look back on how to really grow entrepreneurship in a city, how to create jobs and better productivity, how this all changes a city and what results and statistics to measure.

Find out more about this class and others at; https://www.coursera.org/course/entpecon

And that brings me to my last C and my favorite holiday – Christmas. Yes, before we know it all the end of the year holiday activity will be upon us after a busy Q4. Here’s to wishing you a productive end of the year that will leave you feeling accomplished and ready for the new year. Thanks for reading and for sharing!

Many regards – Sandra Sick (Twitter @SandraSick)

PS: There is a TEDx happening in Lisbon on October 18th for those interested in the theme of education. Check out the agenda at: http://tedxlisboa.com

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