Top Teams from Lisbon Challenge Fall 2014 Head to the US

The 3rd edition of The Lisbon Challenge 3-month acceleration program wrapped up last month and co-founders from many of the top 10 startups are packing their bags and heading to the US. The group departs for San Francisco Sunday for an intensive 4 days meeting with major tech companies, investors, influencers and others in The Bay Area. After San Francisco they will head to Boston for more meetings and networking.

San Francisco, CA

First stop on the Lisbon Challenge Roadshow!

It will be a jam packed roadshow, much like the Lisbon Challenge program they just experienced. As many of you know who have been on roadshows, the teams will pitch a lot in a short period of time, meet tons of people and learn a lot about what others are doing to build their businesses. They will return to Lisbon tired but filled with new knowledge, more insight and input to their business strategies as well as a lot of follow-up from their meetings!

Let’s wish the teams well and follow as well as  SHARE their tweets (@LisbonChallenge), posts, videos (Jorge, no R-rated videos) and updates.

Have fun LC Fall 14 teams and congrats again to the Top 10 startups;

  • My.Skinmix
  • WalletSaver
  • Pure
  • Planedia
  • Rewind Cities
  • MagniFinance
  • Tationem
  • Walmond
  • Doinn
  • Farmin

Lisbon Challenge Coach to some and Mentor to others,


PS: Beta-i is NOW accepting applications to the next Lisbon Challenge, the most international accelerator in Europe. Alumni registered a growth of 270% in paying users and raised over €30m. This could be YOU. Applications close on January 31. Get more details today.

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