The Portuguese Startup Scene is Really Growing – FAST!

The 4th edition of The Lisbon Challenge is about to kick off and 22 teams are making their way to Beta-I in Lisbon to spend the next 3 months challenging themselves and accelerating their development efforts and business activities. I’m looking forward to coaching the 4 teams assigned and mentoring the others!

Many strangers come together in these programs and it’s great to watch all that happens on a business level as well as witness many friendships form. Welcome to Lisbon Challengers and it’s hard to even remember when this accelerator program did not exist!

More good and impressive fundraising news;, a tech hiring marketplace with a peer referral rewarding system, just raised €750.000 a seed investment round that was led by Portugal Ventures. The list of companies with impressive funding is growing and growing. Fundraising is an important milestone in the growth of an ecosystem. Congratulations and click here to read the news.

And I doubt anyone missed this news, but just in case; Fashion Marketplace Farfetch Raises $86M Led By DST At A $1B Valuation. Now that is a high watermark for a company started in Portugal. Keep them coming startups!

There is now a Twitter Portugal account (@TwitterPortugal) and as much as I’m not sure what to expect from this account, it just could be a sign that people in Portugal are starting to value Twitter even more. #Finally

We’re seeing a lot of new events, meetup and other gatherings throughout the country. Again, another sign of a growing startup/tech ecosystem. One event to add to your schedule is the Productized Conference which is a 3-day event happening in Lisbon from October 7-9th with a focus of how to turn ideas into well-designed products. Get details at:

There is a growing list of coworking spaces in Portugal, as you’d expect with so much startup activity. I was recently at the soon to be open Mouraria Creative Hub and it’s a very impressive space. I have to say that the design of the offices, tucked in a very old and not popular part of Lisbon has this really cool energy. The light and little slices of unique views of the city from the many windows is inspiring and part of a great story to transform this space into this creative center. Check it out or apply to work there!

Every growing ecosystem has its share of publications and news and if you have not been reading these two, you’re missing out on the latest and greatest news and interviews on Portuguese Startups (in English);

And remember to follow them on Twitter!

I’m heading to Porto next week to give a marketing and sales workshop to a group of young entrepreneurs involved in Startup Pirates Porto. I have lost count as to how many Startup Pirate weekends have happened around the globe since the team kicked off this program in September 2011, but the number is impressive. I have met a lot of great people and mentored many teams during the 4 Startup Pirates Lisboa events. Again, it’s hard to remember when this intensive startup program did not exist in Portugal.

Startup Pirates wine 'Startup Community Contributor of the Year’ Award from Microsoft Portugal

Startup Pirates wine ‘Startup Community Contributor of the Year’ Award from Microsoft Portugal

So congratulations Startup Pirates on winning the ‘Startup Community Contributor of the Year’ Award from Microsoft Portugal at the #AtivarPT event. It’s well deserved and thanks for continuing to grow pirate families around the world! Here’s a link to the story behind Startup Pirates;

And learn more about the exciting new initiative from Microsoft – AtivarPT! Their mission focuses on ‘bringing together the best of the best to help Portuguese Startups build successful, world–class businesses in the future’.

So it’s clear that more money is coming into Portugal or Portuguese companies, corporate partners are increasing their support and investment (Microsoft and others), new events are getting added to the calendar and the Portuguese startup news is spreading around the globe (also validated by the Portuguese team invited recently to SXSW). Let’s look for more job creation and even better opportunities for those in the ecosystem as this very lively space continues to grow.

Please continue to share all this good news with your network. Obrigada,


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