Let The Mentoring Begin – The Lisbon Challenge Fall 2015

I am just about to start my mentoring sessions, via Skype, with the startup teams that have made it into the 5th edition of the Lisbon Challenge. I have been fortunate to watch this program form and grow and to work with the majority of the teams passing through the intense 3-month long program for the previous 4 editions.

Mentoring 20 teams in the first portion of the program will be a great way to get to know the teams early on and help with their business challenges, especially when it comes to marketing, customer acquisition and growth. And I have been known to push startups to really pick up their social media activity, conduct a PR outreach campaign, sit down and brainstorm a new name or brand identity and a lot more.

So to the 20 teams that have joined the growing and very global Lisbon Challenge program, congratulations, and I look forward to our calls and to helping you accelerate.

The Lisbon Challenge teams are also everywhere as I just saw the teams from Line Health and Planedia (2nd and 3rd edition respectfully) in New York City last week and will host the team from Tationem (3rd edition) in Los Angeles this week. We’re all connected, so current and past LC startups, make sure you leverage all your contacts and mentors as you move around the globe and grow your business!

Catching up with Planedia in NYC, October 2015

Catching up with Planedia in NYC, October 2015

Build it teams,


PS – I have been invited back to Portugal for a startup program in early 2016 and I’ll share more details in coming posts. I’m looking forward to seeing all that has changed and developed in the startup space since my departure from Lisbon and to seeing many people.

PSS – Bashara, I miss our Instructor/Coach tag team!

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