Donald Trump Does Not Deserve to be Graded on a Curve in the Debate Tonight

When I was in high school and at university, I was hardly ever in a class where a teacher graded on a curve. I’m actually glad as I went into a test or an assignment knowing that the grade I received was exactly that, my earned grade (without outside influence). Students and now some politicians can assume that ‘curving’ means an upward adjustment of a low score and that is just not a fair expectation for a debate. Yes this grade normalization can go both ways, but allowing a curve invites people to show up unprepared and then hope for the best!

When it comes to debates and determining the winner, we can simply say that it’s a tricky proposition with or without a curve. Or we can say it’s rather easy depending on the reporting agency, website, writer or campaign committee which are often biased. Bottom line, we as individual viewers can determine who we believe either won or did the best job in communicating their position and answering the questions but we have to remove the ‘curve’ and keep it fair.

microphoneWe have all see Donald Trump get away with not being prepared, intentionally being rude, saying things loud and three times as if it is fact, outright lying and often changing his mind or details on a plan or issue. But at this stage, he must know what he plans to do, who is going to be on his team and truly how he is going to make the changes that he says ‘all Americans want’ (it’s not true that all Americans want his type of change by the way). Let’s hear from both candidates tonight and hopefully the debate will not be filled with fact checking but real answers and important details.

So tonight will be the first time that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share a stage and over 100 million people around the globe are expected to tune-in. I suspect even Vladimir Putin has his alarm clock set to watch tonight!

About 20% of the voters are still not undecided so this is an important 90 minutes. Hopefully the unruly candidate will keep to his plans and finally share more policy details and maybe even release his tax returns.

Here’s to removing the curve from the rating tonight and judging a man and woman equally but taking away points for bad, rude and evasive behavior!

Happy viewing,



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