Seven Notable Election-Related Podcasts

podcast-and-worldI admit, I am a podcast junkie and listen to a wide range of podcasts. As podcasts are very popular now, there are some amazing podcasts specific to the US election. How can there not be with so much almost unbelievable news and activity.

Here’s a list of recommended podcasts should you need some suggestions or a quick catch-up. Please share any others that you also enjoy. Happy podcasting!

  1. We’ll start with the amazing Fresh Air podcast from Terry Gross. A favorite for many and a very well-produced show. This is a must-listen to interview with some really good insight.

How Trump’s Candidacy Has Divided Conservative Media

2. Secondly, from WNYC, who creates a lot of great content, check out The United States of Anxiety. You’ll hear from real voters and take a look back at what got us, US voters, to this point in the election. It’s a podcast about real people living real lives in America and there are only 3 episodes available and all are worth hearing if you want to get a perspective from suburban America.

How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going?

3. I’m not going to recommend just one podcast from Slate’s Political Podcast but nearly all of them! Pick any, you cannot go wrong!

4. Again, anything from Trumpcast is worth a listen and this podcast is also produced by Slate.

5. And from The New Yorker, their Comment podcast. There are many great political/election podcasts in the recent months, but the most recent is worthy of a listen and it’s shorter.

Three’s a Crowd

6. FiveThirtyEight is another podcast focused on the election podcast and the podcasts are very informative. The most recent covers the rundown on the second debate.

A Late-Night Podcast to Recap a Very Strange Second Debate

7. Last but not least is an interesting little podcast from StoryCorp on a woman who ran for president 50+ years ago. In the 1964 presidential election, Republican Senator Barry Goldwater from Arizona ran against Democratic incumbent Lyndon Johnson who had assumed office following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. LBJ won in a landslide, but there was another candidate in the race who has largely been forgotten by history: Mrs. Yetta Bronstein, a Jewish housewife from the Bronx!

Vote for Yetta and Things Will Get Betta

For those with a bit more time, here’s a bonus podcast worth a listen. These days, when Alec Baldwin is not playing Donald Trump on SNL, he also hosts a long-running podcast called ‘Here’s The Thing’. It normally is not very political, but the recent podcast features Bob Garfield. Each week, more than 400 radio stations across the country air “On The Media,” a program that takes a hard look at the boldfaced names in the headlines—and the smaller names in the bylines and this show is co-hosted by Garfield.

Radio Host Bob Garfield on Trump and Telemarketing

Enjoy some or all of this content and share the podcasts that you really enjoy. Here’s a list of the top News & Election podcasts if you are looking for other options;

Happy listening and make sure you and all your family and friends are registered to vote in the US election.



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