There’s no Time for Gloating but Remember the House Passing the American Health Care Act when you Cast your Next Ballot.

AHCASo the House did it today by just narrowly passing the American Health Care Act 217 to 213. It’s clear that this was completely strategic and a necessary ‘win’ needed by Trump & Co. I can just imagine the pressure put on certain Members of Congress (MoC) to get the needed votes.

It is not very likely that this American Health Care Act will clear the Senate but Trump REQUIRED a win at this point and he got it. Congress will be on a break next week and some members will really get beat up when they go home. I’m sure Trump and Ryan now owe these people big favors. Oh, the joy of politics!

And even if this bill is already facing a very uncertain future, Trump is talking (and tweeting) to his supporters and all they see is a President that said he would win and now to them, he has won. They have ALREADY forgotten about all the losses which do not require listing as most of us can rattle these off in our sleep.

So nobody should be gloating on any side of this issue as here is the reality;

  1. Our elected politicians just passed a bill with NO CBO Analysis. This is outright ignorance and really, it should not even be ‘legal’.
  2. Most MoC have not even read the bill as it was pushed through too fast. Again, totally outrageous and this shows just how politics is driving everything vs. parties and people working together.
  3. Tens of millions of Americans will lose healthcare. Period.
  4. Deductions will NOT go down.
  5. Premiums will NOT go down.
  6. The rich just got richer.
  7. ObamaCare is not DEAD (another Trump lie) and many parts of whatever we end up happening will have portions of what we know today.
  8. We continue to allow insurance companies to dictate way too much and impact the quality of real healthcare in our country

Difference betweenSo people on all sides of this critical issue could easily gloat as this could be perceived as a short-term win for the GOP and/or a longer-term win for the Democrats. But nobody will win if millions of Americans go without coverage. If only we could take a nation wide view and for all of us to remember the bill passing today when we go to the polls. This includes everyone. If you get screwed in this deal or if the deductions and premiums DO NOT go down as promised, remember this at the ballot box. Remind your family and friends when they go to vote as some people will forget who screwed them!

And if Medicaid and Medicare get crushed in this deal, remember this as well.

The Democratic Party is very focused on flipping vulnerable seats (check out Flippable if you are not plugged into them already) in upcoming elections and the health care issue has been a huge deal breaker for getting re-elected. Today will help the process of flipping seats but in the end, we only win if Americans have AFFORDABLE and AVAILABLE health care coverage.

What are your thoughts? How are you feeling? I welcome your comments. Thanks,




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