Is Our Government Trying to Prevent Us from Voting by Mail in November?

We’re in the midst of a pandemic where not enough testing has been done in the US and no vaccine is in sight. And it’s an election year. That’s so frightening to me. In my lifetime, I honestly feel that this is the most important election in my lifetime.

I highly recommend listening to the May 11, 2020 podcast from Terry Gross at NPR; ‘How Protecting Voter Safety with Mail-In Ballots Became A Partisan Issue’. Ms. Gross interviews Emily Bazelon, Staff Writer for the New York Times Magazine who wrote a recent article entitled ‘Will Americans Lose Their Right to Vote In The Pandemic?’.

The podcast is very informative for all of us to understand the real complexities of what is happening NOW on the Vote by Mail issue.


Here are some issues that concern me about what our government is doing or not doing;

  1. Trump opposes more funding for Vote by Mail saying on tv that we’d never have a Republican elected again with vote by mail. This is a LIE. There is NO DATA supporting this comment and he is spreading fear. Again.
  2. Trump is at war with the postal service at a very critical time. It seems like another strategy to help his own election by threatening the US Postal Service and preventing future funding that is much needed. Mail service in the US is down about 30% due to the pandemic but the post office has a 74% or higher (depending on the poll) favorability rating among Americans. They need help from the Federal Government.
  3. Louis DeJoy is our new postmaster general and will take office in June. DeJoy gave more than $2 Million to Trump and others in 2016. This is such a conflict of interest and DeJoy has NO BACKGROUND IN POSTAL SERVICES!
  4. Not having a wider offering of vote by mail will certainly put our health at risk, even in November.
  5. Tons of polling places have been closed in areas where there are more African American voters. If this DOES NOT feel wrong to you, rethink the pride we take in democracy and we are ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD’.

Bottomline, we all deserve a well-run and organized election in 2020 even during a pandemic. There is STILL TIME. States need the right resources – NOW. If you are fortunate to be able to vote by mail, do follow the instructions to a T and remember to sign your ballot.

Stay informed and voice your concerns! #vote2020 #votebymail


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