A Pandemic, our President and the 2020 Elections

End result, we all need to demand that we have fair elections this November. The fight for vote by mail in all states that do not have it already is critical and we have to take action now in preparation for the upcoming election. Here are some key stories going on to stay informed.

The legal maneuverings on behalf of the GOP are a real thing. Trump will do whatever he can to make sure states do not mail every person possible a ballot. He is denying us the right to vote! And here is Trump’s name tag:

Suing you

Republicans plan to spend at least $20 million to combat voting rights lawsuits in 2020 The GOP just upped its legal budget for the 2020 election to $20 million.


3 States Have Made It Easier to Vote By Mail In November. Trump Isn’t Happy.

Keep your eye on Michigan, New Hampshire and California for starters.


THIS JUST IN FROM WISCONSIN: Elections Commission Approves Vote By Mail Plan. 2.7 million registered voters will receive an absentee ballot application in the mail.

Under the plan approved Wednesday, the state would send absentee ballot applications to nearly all registered voters in an effort to prepare for Wisconsin’s November election.

Roughly 62 percent of all votes in Wisconsin’s April election were cast by mail as voters heeded advice from both the state and federal government to stay home in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Turnout for the November election is expected to double that of the spring election.


What Republican activists are doing in preparation for November and Democrats take note!

Republicans recruit 50,000 volunteers to police “voter fraud” in November. Republicans return to “poll-watching” after court ends decades-long ban imposed after repeated intimidation efforts.


How can you get involved? Check out the Indivisible Safe Voting Townhall  with Elizabeth Warren and many others.

We all know that Trump is lying about voter fraud. Note Twitter’s comments on Trumps Tweets – Unsubstantiated! Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has said that US president Donald Trump doesn’t stand a chance at winning the upcoming election – unless he turns to “cheating”. Our President is trying to openly cheat. We must stop him.

Please, get into this fight NOW!Activists And Ohio Lawmakers Rally Outside Supreme Court As Case Heard On Ohio's Voter Roll Purges



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