A Speech For ALL of Us to HEAR

It’s June 2nd and people all around the US are protesting over the deadly arrest of George Floyd and all the countless acts of police brutality. Curfews have been issued in many of these same cities and the National Guard has been deployed around the country. A massive group surrounds a fence that was put up at the White House and who knows if Trump has crawled back into his bunker. I truly feel leaderless.


America is angry. We’re tired of police brutality, senseless killings and a system that is so severely broken and unfair. We must have real change. Now.

In these political times, I have become an active marcher, supporter and protestor but today I am not in the streets. Like people around the world, I’m following the news, all over social media and talking to others. Nothing seems like enough. How have we NOT made more progress by this time in our history?

Of all the things I have seen and read today, I implore you to watch this video of a NYC woman named Desiree Barnes (@dnbarnes) who is passionately speaking to the demonstrators and looters passing through her NY neighborhood. ‘She urged demonstrators to be respectful as they protest and conscious of the people whose property they’re destroying or whose lives will be made harder by the destruction.’ Thank you Desiree and I HEAR you!


Watch the video on Instagram at the account of @danladue or on YouTube now at:


Please listen to her words and VOTE!

And this news just recently broke which feels promising:

State of Minnesota files human rights complaint against police in George Floyd’s death. Check out the full story.

America, we need change. We ALL need to INSIST on it.

Be safe. Hands up, don’t shoot.


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