Two Weeks+ to the Election of A Lifetime

Countdown to the final two weeks of voting around the county. Yes, we likely will not have final results on election night, so we all must be patient. I am hopeful for the right outcome and I have voted already. I also received the confirmation that my ballot was accepted. There’s a lot of phone banking to happen between now and Election Day as well as paling attention to early voting.

If you want to follow early voting information, take a look at the U.S. Elections Project Early Voting website at:

Here’s a quick snapshot, which was just updated, on Early Voting in California. 4.5 million returned ballots and counting!

Voters have cast a total of 37,904,665 ballots in the reporting states around the US two weeks out. With all the chaos coming out of DC and a global pandemic along with so many other challenges and fights, it is an exciting time to witness what will hopefully be a restoration of democracy in the US.

Take a look around the country to check in on early voting numbers on this cool website. And note the number of Democrats that have requested or received mail-in ballots. Registered Democrats have a 10,271,079 ballot request lead over registered Republicans.

Vote as early as you can and for those waiting hours, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Staying optimistic,


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