Mark Meadows is Delusional. Really, QUIT Your Lying.

The Delusional Mark Meadows!

Mark Meadows, the current White House Chief of Staff just said during an interview that ‘Most Americans would say they’re better off than they were 4 years ago BUT FOR THE PANDEMIC’. Meadows works directly for the person who could have taken action nearly anytime this year to make sure we did not see so many people suffer and die from that very PANDEMIC! But going back to the point, MOST AMERICANS are NOT better off.

So Mark Meadows, here is just a short list that has little or NOTHING to do with the pandemic which clearly shows Americans are NOT better off:

  1. The division between the left and the right could hardly be wider! We are a divided nation. Your lies divide us all the more.
  2. The environment is in grave trouble.
  3. LGBTQ rights are under attack.
  4. Reproductive rights have reduced around the country in the recent years and it will only get worse.
  5. Our infrastructure is all the more fragile and much of it is crumbling.
  6. Health care costs are still out of control and rising.
  7. The deficit is at its highest point EVER. The federal debt held by the public will reach 106% of our GDP in 2023.
  8. Trump’s horrible and racist immigration policies are blocking the talent we need to develop new products.
  9. Only the rich are getting richer!
  10. Foreign interferences have only increased. We’re seeing it in our election process. Our weaknesses under Trump are larger, clearer and visible to our friends and enemies!
  11. We will soon be pulled out of the World Health Organization. Let’s just throw in the Open Skies Treaty and The Paris Agreement.

OK, I could go on and on and then add all the avoidable death and suffering due to our incompetent administration regarding the pandemic, but I won’t. Our current high unemployment rate, countless businesses gone – forever, on-going police brutality and our politicians not stepping up to make things better says it all!

Mark Meadows, I am one of the ‘most Americans’ and you are wrong. Most of of are not better off and things are only going to get worse as our rights dissolve, our democracy is tested to a point of no return, our bridges and roads crumble, foreign nations no longer trust nor want to work with us, more people live in the streets and millions wake up hungry and go to bed that same way.

Open your eyes and stop spreading lies so your boss does not fire you. MOST AMERICANS ARE NOT DUMB AND IGNORANT.

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Looking forward to excessive use of the MUTE button during the debate tonight!

Sandra @sandrasick #sandrasick

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