I am High on Hopefulness!

This will by far not be my most compelling nor insightful post, but as we all continue to watch the election results from around the globe, I find myself so hopeful. It’s just after 1pm PST and Vice President Joe Biden is ahead in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona. Go JOE!

Hopefulness – A Great Feeling!

It really does feel like we will wake to a President Elect Joe Biden very soon! Yes, Donald Trump is going to try to stop counting ballots where he thinks it can help him turn states, but it’s too late. The Democratic stronghold is growing and honestly really exciting and impressive. Joe Biden has really captured the Popular Vote. America has spoke, listen up Donald Trump.

I feel so hopeful that we can work at uniting as a nation and undo many of the horrible actions that Trump has put forth in the last four years. I am confident that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will build a strong administration that will be concerned with ALL Americans and this carefully selected staff will look a lot more like America than the current team of mostly nasty, privileged white men that Trump has appointed.

We will live in a time where dozens of women and a few pay for play ladies will NOT come forward with allegations on the President – yeah. The White House will NOT be filled with staffers having a Biden or Harris last name and we won’t hear the phrase ‘Emoluments Clause’ on a daily basis any longer!

Joe Biden will be very focused on getting ahead of COVID-19, finding the parents of all those innocent children separated at the border, be very concerned about the economy and environment, make changes in policing around the US, get the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement, stop the madness with the departure from The World Health Organization and so much more.

Hoping that all those truly wanting real change and the end of legislating by Twitter to be celebrating virtually SOON! I have champagne chilling.

Join me in being high on hopefulness,


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  1. mgracesilva says:

    Dear Sandra, I hope the truth, the transparency come to the surface. I am tired of the corruption.

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    > No dia 06/11/2020, às 21:25, Sandra’s Political Ponderings escreveu: > >  >

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