I’m Jumping on the Peace Train. Join Me.

I hold the proud designation of being in the top 2% of Cat Stevens (also known as Yusaf) listeners on Spotify. This was not a single-minded goal. It just happened because I totally respect Cat Stevens, his story and unique journey and of course his lyrics and incredible offering of music over the years. As last year was so challenging for the world and the US with our high pandemic rates and such incredible political turmoil, I sought refuge in the words of Cat Stevens. These songs gave me so much hope. And they still do.

Tomorrow we embark on a new and welcome journey with the Biden/Harris Administration and they are inheriting a disaster and have a lot of work to do to help heal the US and correct and create important policies. The horrific actions at The Capitol on 1/6/21 are a testament to how ‘sick’ our country is now. The last four years have been an open invitation by too many to hate, fight, divide and instead of healing, make our country worse.

One of the songs that heard a lot of play last year was ‘Peace Train’ by Cat Stevens. Here is why this song is so important and encouraging:

Now I’ve been happy lately

Thinking about the good things to come

And I believe it could be

Something good has begun

Oh, I’ve been smiling lately

Dreaming about the world as one

And I believe it could be

Someday it’s going to come

So here we are, the day before Inauguration Day and Washington, DC looks like a police state, the country and truly the world is on edge over security concerns and 400,000 American citizens have left us because of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

We will never all unify as a nation but we will very soon have a leader that has the desire of unity in his heart and believes in truth and transparency.  This gives me GREAT hope. I also see in the Biden Administration many appointments that resemble the diversity of our country. More voices from various walks of life is a positive change.

So, in the words of Cat Stevens, ‘Someday it’s going to come’! For me, it’s tomorrow, January 20, 2021 at 9:01am PST.

May we all be safe and healthy for this new journey as the Peace Train takes us ‘home again’.

Now I’ve been crying lately, 
Thinkin’ about the world as it is
Why must we go on hating, 
Why can’t we live in bliss

‘Cause out on the edge of darkness, 
There rides a Peace Train
Oh Peace Train take this country, 
Come take me home again

Thank you Yusaf for inspiring my life and giving me hope at such a desperate time.

Hoping you jump on the peace train with me! 


Check out the full lyrics for Peace Train at: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/catstevens/peacetrain.html

Peace Train Videos:

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Peace Train (live, Majikat – Earth Tour 1976)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Peace Train (Live at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, 2006)

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