I Voted and I’m Optimistic.

Yes, I voted and voted early by absentee ballot. Actually, for most of my voting life, I have voted this way. As a kid, I used to work the polls with my parents as they both were involved in politics and I have voted in person a few times, but in this climate, I want to know that nothing will stop me from getting my ballot counted. It’s great to drop the ballot off in a secure box or at the post office without the need of a stamp, then get a text that my ballot was received and then get a confirmation that my ballot is officially in. Yeah, it’s not the same as going to the local fire department, gymnasium or community center, but I won’t take any chances, even while living is a blue state.

I am not getting sucked into all the polls, crazy tweets, endless non-sensical political banter or other crazy chatter that is everywhere and tomorrow cannot come soon enough. I remain optimistic that enough late and undecided voters will vote for their own interests and along the lines of what the majority of this country really wants (freedom to choose, LGBTQ rights, sane gun laws…).

So America, follow the way of Brazil and not Israel. Vote to save Democracy and push out election deniers. There have been 60 legal wrangling about the 2020 election results and 59 of them were losers. If we doubt safe elections, we will throw democracy over the edge and what awaits is not a good option especially for people who really have studied history and understand Fascism and authoritarian leadership.

Vote Smart America!

And here’s to lasting democracy,


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