About Me

If I knew how the world was going to change in 2016, I would have gotten a degree in Political Science and then continued with a focus on Constitutional Law. But no, I have a degree in Business with a focus in Marketing and who knows, maybe that is even better preparation for living through a horrible President who understand the news cycle and media and just about nothing else. And thankfully, I survived 4 years of Trump and am so thankful for our new and competent President and VP.

So who am I? I am a very concerned citizen of the US living in California and running a small business. I grew up in New York working on the local political campaigns of family friends and then my father ran for County Legislature. After that, my mother ran and  won seven elections, one unopposed, as a Councilwoman. All these elections were on the Republican ticket, but I have never been a Republican. My values just do not align with GOP values, at all. So what breaks my heart are really the changes that have happened in the last four years to our democracy and how polarized we have become.

Political Priorities

Here’s what I believe in and will back the candidates that fight for and support these issues:

  1. Fair elections and a better/safer voting system with far less voter suppression.
  2. A Supreme Court justice that fights for how AMERICA looks today.
  3. Roe V. Wade and women’s rights.
  4. LGBTQ rights and same sex marriage.
  5. Protecting, really, cleaning up and saving our environment.
  6. Sane gun control.
  7. Legal immigration and realistic immigration laws and patterns.
  8. Cleaning the damn SWAMP of the Trump administration.
  9. Movement away from the US being the incarceration capital of the world.
  10. Improved international relations where the US is not the bully of the world.
  11. Healthcare for many or more.
  12. Helping those that need it. When they need it but not forever.
  13. I’m against any revision of Social Security unless it improves the program.
  14. Complete separation between church and state and I’d fight to stop churches from being tax-free.
  15. And much more!

I’m hear to voice my thoughts and concerns, share information on a channel that is not CNN, Fox or Facebook and blog about issues that will help those preparing for the election of their lives.

Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I voted for you, support you, will not agree with everything you do, but feel your values and objectives will make the country  a better place. And I believe that Joe Biden has real goodness in his heart. Empathy, caring and family values.

Have a question or comment? Feel free to contact me directly.


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