About Me

Hello. I am a lifelong marketer of products, services, events and companies. Born and raised in New York, I am from a family of business risk takers and entrepreneurs (and some politics). My immediate and extended family is filled with independent and small business owners and being the last of five, I received a crash course in business development even before I went off to college to complete a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing.

Growing up with foreign exchange students living in our house and relatives often visiting from Europe, I have always had a strong connection to other countries and cultures. My first tech jobs were in international sales and marketing developing tools and programs for software and hardware partners around the world. After many years of working for other companies, and when the tech industry was really expanding, I started my own marketing consulting firm.

For many years now I have worked for a wide range of companies and have provided them with marketing and business development strategies and executed programs to achieve their goals. My expertise is marketing with a strong focus on communications, advertising, public relations, social media, events, product launches and all that goes into rolling out new products and services.

Here are some educational and career highlights:

  • Was involved in marketing since a very early age to include “group babysitting”, assisting with band management marketing and direct mail while in middle school, supporting local political activities (my mother), retail store sales and management and much more all before graduating from high school.
  • Put myself through college working as a wine steward at The Mohonk Mountain House, a lovely resort in the Hudson Valley in New York .
  • Was the Classifieds Manager at The Oracle, at The State University at New Paltz.
  • Involved with opening sales and marketing offices in Mexico City, Stockholm, Brussels, Dubai, Pakistan and elsewhere.
  • Part of the PR efforts that achieved a cover placement on PC Magazine (OK, at the time that was a big deal) for their annual holiday Buyer’s Guide.
  • Attended more MacWorld, Comdex, CES and CeBIT events than I care to admit.
  • Worked for numerous well-funded startups and a few Fortune 500 companies.
  • Worked for the 1st Portuguese startup to receive Seedcamp’s backing, Simpletax, which got funded two months ago after Seedcamp Week in London.
  • Possess over 20 years experience working for and with technology companies in all aspects of marketing.
  • Mentored over 350 startups from around the globe.
  • Involved with numerous startup/tech organizations in Los Angeles to include StartOut and Lesbians Who Tech. Ran the LA Planning Committee of StartOut in 2018 and still on the committee as an active member.
  • Always working on new projects and endeavors for business and personal growth.
  • In addition to consulting, I also advise and mentor many startups in many different areas.

Have a question or comment? Feel free to contact me directly.

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