A few words from employers and clients.

What clients have to say…

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in the marketing departments of a number of technology companies and I have also consulted with many dynamic organizations over the past decade. Most of my consulting opportunities were long-term relationships.

Here are some testimonies from former co-workers and clients, many of which are still good friends today.

Andre Pimentel

Eye Solutions

Sandra is an outstanding marketing professional, digital first entrepreneur and, above all, a fantastic human being. I have the pleasure of working with Sandra at EyeSee where she leads Strategic Partnerships and she landed the biggest strategic partner for EyeSee, expanding business throughout Latin America. Also, she is overseeing all Marketing & Communication, building our PR, engaging daily on Social Media and reaching out to the world so everybody can hear about EyeSee – truly amazing. Given Sandra’s experience on startup mentoring and coaching, she is an incredible positive force inside EyeSee always thinking about how to make the best of every single opportunity and how to help the team grow as individuals and professionals. On top of this, Sandra is highly motivated, proactive and persistent making her a valuable person within EyeSee. We’re are very lucky to have Sandra on the team and would recommend her to any company or organization as she makes the difference.

John Aarons
Brand & Marketing Consultancy
‘An absolute joy to work with! Sandra is smart, refreshingly direct and knows what it takes to get the job done with the minumum fuss. She ‘gets’ brands and traditional marketing methodologies but also has a formidable understanding of the ever evolving digital marketing landscape – a rare combination indeed.’

Lauren Tully
Lead Marketing Consultant and Project Manager at BT Creative
‘Sandra is one of the kindest and most professional individuals I have worked with. She was an asset to our team and consistently worked to create digital campaigns that would help increase donations and awareness to new markets of supporters. She is a team player, very reliable and knowledgeable about the world of marketing.’

Jessica Dean
Program Manager – Greater LA/OC, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
‘I worked with Sandra Sick at Stand Up To Cancer. Sandra is not only innovative in her thinking, but she also executes in creative ways. Sandra and I worked together on SU2C’s E-Commerce site, and her initiatives significantly increased sales. Sandra was an integral asset in building brand awareness and leading fund raising efforts for Stand Up To Cancer. Sandra has always been a pleasure to work with.’

Brenda Jaeck
Contract/Interim CFO
‘Sandra is excellent at understanding technical and sales requirements; and then drilling down to a level of detail to create action items which will achieve measurable objectives. She also excels at managing multiple projects simultaneously.’

David Jones
VP at Alvand Solutions
‘Sandra was invaluable in helping us create our overall marketing strategy. From her initial proposal through development of the marketing plan; company launch PR announcement; email marketing; contact database development; Google Ad Campaigns and SEO; and much more, Sandra’s professionalism and ability to provide an alternative point of view in a clear and concise manner, helped us remain focused on delivering the marketing strategy that fits our organization. Sandra is always well prepared, understands her clients needs and really listens to what they have to say. This personal touch and attention to detail results in marketing that, quite simply, works.’

Tom Lazear
CEO at Archway Systems, Inc
‘Sandra was an excellent marketing manager for us at Versacad. Very creative and energetic and a great team player. I would recommend her to anyone.’

And a special thanks to all the people who have taken the time to share their thoughts on my work and me working with and for them. It’s relationships like these that make working all the more rewarding!


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