A Crash Course on ‘Inside the Startup Funding Game’ from The Pitchdeck Podcast

The Pitchdeck Podcast

The Pitchdeck Podcast

The podcast world is really evolving and we’re now seeing a great offering of all types of content with very high levels of production. Startups have all types of content, tools, online classes and more to learn as they grow their business and podcasts can be very helpful. Since October of 2014, The Pitchdeck Podcast has been interviewing a very long and impressive list of VC’s, investors and other influencers in the early stage capital raising world.

We all know that raising capital is challenging and these podcasts allow you to get insight directly from 50+ key venture capitals and angel investors. The interviews are well hosted by Gavin McCulley who is an active Angel Investor, Startup Mentor, and Entrepreneur living in Charleston, South Carolina. He is also the founding chapter President of Keiretsu Forum – Charleston, a nationally syndicated group of over 1100 angel investors. He knows his stuff and gets the most out of these smart interviews.

Learn more about raising capital and search iTunes for The Pitchdeck Podcasts for specific people or VC firms of interest to you.

And follow The Pitchdeck on Twitter at @the_pitch_deck and@Gavin_McCulley today!

This extensive podcast offering will give you added insight, real-time suggestions and boost your confidence as you move through the process of looking for capital, especially in the US, but not exclusively.

Enjoy and podcast away,


Marketing consultant, mentor, advisor and coach


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